This is the english language edition of the largest independent Swedish blog in economy, finance and environment, Cornucopia?. The Swedish version has approximately 25 000 unique visitors who visit the blog 80 000 times and look at 150 000 pages every week. The content on this english language edition is usually written specifically for non-Swedish readers and might not be found on the Swedish edition.

All content is, unless otherwise stated, copyright © Lars Wilderäng and is freely distributable as long as a link and reference back to the original source is included. Redistributed content may be edited to fix any English language errors.

The blog is published in Sweden by Lars Wilderäng and the publishing house Förlag Ängsjödal, and as such sources and whistleblowers are protected by Swedish law.

Lars Wilderäng
Lars Wilderäng is an independent blogger, author of techno-thriller fiction (swedish language novels Midvintermörker, Midsommargryning and the upcoming apocalyptic novel Stjärnklart ) and lecturer as well as a small-scale homesteader and private small investor. The Swedish edition of Cornucopia? has been online since september 2008.

International book rights through Massolit Agency, formerly Forma Agency.

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